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Many beginners or novices are put of the idea of target shooting because they believe that it is expensive, and that they would have to buy lots of equipment just to try it out. In point of fact it is one of the cheapest sports to participate in. 


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To comply with the law you have to be a full member of a Home Office Approved club, such as Torfaen Smallbore Rifle Club, before you can even apply for a Firearms Certificate.

There are some requirements of membership that you need to be aware of:

You must be at least 10 years of age. If you are under 18 you must have written permission from a parent or guardian to apply for membership.

1. You must fill in and complete a 'Membership Application' form. The form and membership fee must go to the membership secretary. All fees are listed at the end of this page, where an initial enquiry form is also available. Quite often you may find a committee member present who can issue your application form and once completed pass it to the membership secretary. By completing the 'Members Application' form you will be insured under the clubs insurance policy effected through the National Small-bore Rifle Association (NSRA).

2. Each and every time that you attend the club you MUST sign in the diary which is on the table in front of you as you enter the clubroom. It is a club requirement that EVERY member signs in, so please always remember to do so, even after you become a full member.

3. The club owns a number of firearms, airguns and associated equipment, as a probationary member you are entitled to use these, under supervision. The club also holds a stock of ammunition which you may for your shooting. However, you must not, under any circumstances take any ammunition away from the club premises until you hold a Firearm Certificate which permits you to have live ammunition with you. If at the end of your shooting, you have some ammunition remaining, that will be kept at the club for your future use.

4. Once you have completed your 'Members Application' form, another form will be made up by a club official, specifically for you to record the dates of attendance and firearms that you use each time you come to the club. It is important that you complete this shooting record as the committee will refer to it when considering your application to become a full member. Again, like the need for all members to sign in the diary, you must complete this shooting record when you become a full member, as they are checked by the police from time to time. Your personal attendance form can be found in the front of the club subs book. (Ask the Range Officer for it) or it may be on the same table as the attendance Diary.

5. During your probationary period the club expect you to attend a reasonable number of times and show us that you are interested in target shooting by actually shooting. It is not sufficient to attend the club, sign in and then leave. There is no minimum requirement for a number of attendances but if the committee feels that you have not attended often enough, and shot, then the committee may well extend your probationary membership period. If, during the probationary period, you are unable to attend, it is important that you let a club official know.

6. You will find posted in the clubhouse a set of range rules and these must be adhered to - please read them, as they are important. They can also be found in PDF format at the foot of this page.

7. Whilst you are a probationary member you are not permitted to apply for a Firearms Certificate, but that does not preclude you obtaining the necessary forms and preparing them. Take advice from a club official on the completion of these forms. All applications to the police for the grant of a Firearms Certificate are checked with the club and the club has to confirm that you are a full member. The committee will be alarmed, and may well take disciplinary action, if a probationary member makes an early application for a Firearms Certificate prior to being approved as a full club member.

8. When you handle firearms, safety is of paramount importance - do listen to and heed advice on this subject, as anyone considered to be unsafe on the ranges is unlikely to have their membership approved by the committee. Instructions for the safe handling of firearms, air guns and their bottles can be found in a PDF format from the 'Torfaen Range Safety Rules' link at the bottom of this page.

There are range Standing Orders and Safety Instructions that must be obeyed and it would be beneficial if you made yourself familiar with them. They can also be found from the same link at the bottom of the page.

9. Finally. During your first visit to the club you will not be allowed to shoot. This initial visit is to familiarize yourself with the club. You will also receive a full safety brief from one of the senior members. Torfaen Smallbore Rifle Club is affiliated to the National Smallbore Rifle Association and our Affiliation Number is 05429.

Current membership fees are: -


Full Individual member - annual fee - £60

Full Family Membership - annual fee - £75

Full Junior Membership - annual fee - £30

Half Yearly Adult Membership is Pro rata so £30

Annual fees due on the 1st May


If a member wishes to shoot, he or she pay a flat fee of £2 per week. This allows the member to shoot as many times as they want every week.


Members and probationary members must buy their own ammunition. However the first time a probabtionary member shoots is free.

Ammunition costs as @ 28/03/2017 are:

Eley Club £4.80 per 50 rounds

Eley Match £7.80 per 50 rounds.

RWS R10 Air Rifle Tin 500 pellets £7.50


There is no charge for targets shot.

Percentage fees apply to annual fees if joining part way through the year.

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