Lower Parc is now closed for this year. Next years dates are unconfirmed but will probably be from 3rd April until 29th September 2019

'Lower Parc' is just over 10 miles from away from the club. (Directions from the club can be found below).


Set in a beautiful location. The range is a 50 metres range and is used by our shooters for 50m practice and 50m league competitions they have entered.

You will need to take targets with you as none are provided at the range. We do have targets at the club. Talk to one of the range officers. You will also need at least 6 'Bulldog Clips' to attach the targets to the frames.


In case of EMERGENCY whilst at the range.

When telephoning the Emergency Services quote the postcode NP15 1LR and the National Grid Reference ST39252 94431.

We can only use the range on certain dates. The Range is now open.

When you get to the Newbridge on Usk pub, go over the river and follow the road to a T junction. Turn right, in less than 500 yards you will see a road on the left (NOT into the farm), this is signposted as a dead end and the name is Llwyna Lane, turn here. Go under the bridge and take your first right. follow the road straight until you see a gate in front of you.









Open the gate and follow the track up the hill. You will see a gate on the right that leads to the range. 

Lower Parc Range

Lower Parc Range

The red rectangle is where the shed is that contains the flags and target frames. The red circles are where the flags should go out. The red squiggly line is a path.

There should be a book in the shed where you must 'sign in'.

When you finish shooting, ensure you pick up all your empty cases and put them in the bin provided and return the target frames to the shed. Please leave the range in a clean and tidy state. 

If you come across any problems please ensure you tell one of the club committee members as soon as possible.