Club Shooting Ranges 

The first outdoor range is called 'Lower Parc' situated approximately 10 miles from our club. Set in a beautiful location. The range is a 50 metres range and is used by our shooters for 50m practice and 50m league competitions they have entered. This range can only be used on certain dates
Click on the picture to the left for directions to this range. This link will take you to more pictures of Lower Parc
Apart from our own 25 metre indoor range, we have the use of 2 outdoor ranges.
Our 25m indoor range has 5 firing points and can cater for kneeling, standing or prone .22 rimfire shooters. The range can also cater for air rifle shooting with a 10 meter returning target system for one firing point. The indoor range is primarily used during winter evenings. The club also boasts a full set of electronic targets. This link will take you to pictures of our club room
The second range is a little further away at Long Ashton near Bristol. This range boasts 20 totally enclosed firing points out to 50 metres and 10 enclosed firing points out to 100 metres. The primary use of this range is to host our Annual Open competitions. 
In 2013 the club hosted the first full electronic open competition in Wales, with 20 electronic targets being used. Electronic targets have been used ever since. This link will take you to the Gallery where you can see more pictures of the range in our Open Competitions
Click this link For directions to Long Ashton