You may be aware of this but just in case you are not:

Quote taken from the NSRA website ”The Home Office have launched an eight week public consultation regarding the proposed implementation of new fees for prohibited weapons, museum collections and approved shooting clubs.

The scope of the consultation sets out to seek the public's view on how best to implement powers to charge fees for firearms falling into the above categories and to enable the collection of such fees from the licence payer. It is anticipated that if the new proposals are passed the fees will come into force in 2017.

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If approved, it is likely the licensing charges relating to these categories would be substantial and immediate. In terms of NSRA members, the most relevant of these proposed increases will affect Home Office approved NSRA affiliated clubs, with a proposed increase from £84.00 to £1,050 for the initial grant of approval and £900 on renewal thereafter.

Section 5 firearms licensing grants and renewals would increase by over 66% were these proposals to become legislation.

Note that this consultation does not affect the fees for firearm and shotgun certificates issued by police forces.

In the NSRA's view these proposed increases are unjustifiable and close to extortionate.

We would therefore strongly urge members and NSRA member clubs and associations to object in the strongest possible terms to these proposals. To register your views follow the link to the Home Office consultation document below. Please note that all objections must be received by or before the 9th March 2017.

The NSRA as the National Governing Body is formulating a response and together with the other NGB's will be making the necessary representation on behalf of members through the British Shooting Sports Council.

We would also recommend that having completed the consultation document, each member forwards this to their local MP to reinforce the strength of feeling and to further support the case.”

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I strongly urge you to respond to this extortionate proposal. The more members who respond the stronger our case will be.

This is a response to these proposals from the NRA