Torfaen 2018 New Shooters 50m Open Competition

29th September 2018 at Lower Parc Range

This competition was organised by Barry Jones & Steve Gurner to give all the new shooters to our club the chance to shoot at 50m outdoors and for anyone else who fancied an afternoons shooting

Only 7 shooters showed an interest in this event but still Barry & Steve went ahead with it, transporting rifles, mats targets etc etc to Lower parc. All shooters had been informed that the event would start at about midday.

Everything was ready to go, unfortunately only 4 shooters turned up! The event was scheduled for each shooter to shoot 2 rounds of 20 scoring shots. Because not all shooters turned up there was enough time for Barry & Steve to ‘have a go’, that’s why their scores are shown below.

Name                           Round 1        Round 2        Round 3   Total 2 Rounds    Total 3 rounds

Helen Thomas                173                 172                                    345

Joe Bloxsome                 160                 177                179              337                      516

Jon Hipkiss                     164                 174                176              338                      514

Josh Gurner                    142                 152                                    294

Steve Gurner                  180                 179                 185             359                      544

Barry Jones                    191                 188                 194             379                      573

Owain H Pugh                                DID NOT TURN UP

John Welsh                                     DID NOT TURN UP

David C Griffidd                            DID NOT TURN UP

Third round was a friendly and does not count to the competition


1st place goes to Helen with 345, followed by Jon, then Joe and finally Josh.

We would like to thank those who turned up and made a very enjoyable afternoon.