NSRA ELEY 2019 Postal Competition

Entries will close in the club on the 3rd December 2018

This an excellent competition for all levels of shooters and is open to Non NSRA members.
Club members normally enter the Small-bore Rifle Prone with one very keen member entering the 3P competition as well (nuts!). You can enter what ever coompetitions you like.
For the Prone competition classes are as follows:
Small-bore Rifle Classes:
A – 98 and over
B – 96.5 and under 97.9
C – 95.0 and under 96.4
D – 93 and under 94.9
E – 90 and under 92.9
F – under 89.9
So you can see that even if you shoot under 90 you can still enter. If you qualify for the second round you get a very nice Medal. If you are lucky enough to qualify for the finals you get to shoot at Bisley. For those of you who have never been to Bisley it's a great day out and a huge place with all sorts of ranges from 10 mtr air rifle out to 1200 mtrs full bore! 
For full details click this link. ELEY 2019 Postal Comp
The first round needs to be shot by 28th January 2019, round 2 by 20th May 2019. The final is outdoors at 50m during Bisley week in August.
If you would like to enter please put your name down on the form in the club room. Entry fees are £8.50 per event or £12 for 2 entries or even cheaper £15 for 3 entries by an individual in any one event. Juniors (under 18 at 31 December 2017) £4.25 per event, £6 for two entries in any one discipline or £7.50 for 3 entries by an individual in any one event. If you enter more than once your highest score will go forward to the next round.
Entries in the club will close on Monday the 3rd December 2018.
Scores will be available by clicking the links below